About those seeds…

Call them fables, maybe? Seeds of Love offers stories about everyday experiences with a seed for thought at the end. I hope the seeds can help you see things from a new perspective or affirm what you’ve been thinking or feeling. If you read something you like, I’d love for you to share it.
Spread some seeds…

About me

I am an observer of the world. I connect with the energy of life and emotions around me. I am also a devout optimist. I am motivated to spread positiveness, laughter, hope and inspiration.

That’s how I became a storyteller with a big-picture outlook. I like to turn everyday experiences into meaningful stories. Then I like to end each story with a deeper look at how we can use this as a chance to learn, grow and love more fully.

J.V. Vencius

For more spiritual stories,
my first book is available as a free download.
Sometimes Heaven Whispers Through a Megaphone; Sometimes Heaven Nudges Us With a Catapult

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