Why is it just so hard to ask for help?

Are you more comfortable being at the ready to help a friend or family member than you are to ask for help yourself? If you find yourself in need of help, I believe you deserve the chance to change your situation.

We are inclined to unity

I’ve always been amazed by animals moving in unity. We humans are instinctively capable of finding unity too. So then why does it feel like these days so many people are trying to divide us?

5 reasons why my brand is LOVE

It’s up to each one of us to decide how to make use of our experiences — whether they will hold us down or lift us up, and whether we’ll bring the people we encounter each day up or down with us. I’ve decided that love is my purpose, and I want to bring others…

‘He ain’t right.’ You’re not what he said you are.

I’ve told this story a few times over the past two years as if I was merely an observer to what unfolded. Today – in response to the events which started on May 25 – I know now my role in speaking out against the kind of racial hatred that too many Americans endure day…

A blog that’s gone to the dogs

Perhaps I could have been a cat person, but cats make my eyes burn like Vesuvius and my nose pour like Niagara Falls. So dog person it is. June holds some meaningful memories for me and my three dogs, and this blog is for them.

Gratiness. Happitude.

Where does the balance rest between gratitude and happiness? Do you need to have gratitude to be happy? If you are happy, are you automatically grateful?

What are your words to live by?

“Go that way, really fast. If something gets in your way, turn.” What a great metaphor for life! I may be the first person in history to quote Charles De Mar from the movie Better off Dead as a motivational speaker, but when you find a saying that speaks to your soul, you stick with…

Turning fear into gratitude

It is unavoidable that you will experience pain and fear in your life. As you work hard to heal from it, be grateful that you can grow to become a more loving person.

When the tail wags the dog

Even when you have a compassionate heart and the best intentions when trying to help others , it all can still unravel. Regardless, you have to do the right thing. Every time.